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Toptraking 4G bracelet

Manufacturer: Toptraking
Toptraking 4G bracelet

The Toptraking 4G bracelet offers real-time geolocation, ensuring limitless tracking for quick problem resolution and setting predefined alert zones.

Ideal for disoriented individuals or those with Alzheimer’s, the bracelet features an SOS button for quick assistance.

Specifically designed for adults and the elderly, the GPS bracelet facilitates communication and movement tracking with its user-friendly design.

Featuring only four buttons, it stands out as the simplest and most robust model, ensuring ease of use and durability.

Geared towards adults prone to disorientation, especially those with Alzheimer’s, the GPS bracelet utilizes GPS, LBS, and WiFi technologies for reliable tracking.

With a 90-day movement history and the ability to define security zones, the bracelet provides a comprehensive solution for location tracking.

Key Features of the Toptraking 4G bracelet:

  • Compatibility with Android and IOS phones
  • Real-time tracking on Google Maps
  • Multilingual application and web platform
  • GPS tracking on various devices
  • Multiple positioning modes (GPS, WIFI, LBS) with GPS accuracy of 5-15m (Opensky) and WIFI accuracy of 15-100m
  • Hands-free phone calls
  • Fall detection
  • Pedometer
  • Body temperature monitoring
  • Pill reminder
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Blood pressure monitoring

In summary, the GPS bracelet serves as an essential tool for real-time tracking, especially beneficial for adults and the elderly, with a user-friendly design and an array of features to ensure safety and well-being.

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