Toptraking- 4G bracelet

Manufacturer: Toptraking

The GPS wristband permits you to geolocate your client continuously, without distance limits, to find him in the event of issue without any problem.
An alarm can be designed on the off chance that you leave a predefined zone. The GPS Arm band is great for confused individuals or individuals with Alzheimer’s sickness . The arm band has a SOS button, which can be utilized by the client, enacting a call method in 3 pre-enrolled security numbers.

The wristband with GPS TRACKER for grown-ups and the older, permits you to follow the developments of the client and speak with him. The client will actually want to caution their family members and give their situation in the event of a fall or issue.

It is the least complex model to use, with just 4 buttons and especially hearty.

The GPS wristband permits you to geolocate and keep in touch with a grown-up or older individual who could lose their feeling of direction and get lost. Accordingly, it is particularly reasonable for individuals experiencing Alzheimer’s sickness.
To promise you a dependable area , this GPS following wristband utilizes GPS, LBS and WiFi innovations all the while, with next to no distance limit .
With admittance to the historical backdrop of developments during the most recent 90 days and meanings of geographic security zone.

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