Topten TK228


The Topten TK228 boasts a user-friendly plug & play design, compatible with all cars equipped with an OBD-II connector, and it seamlessly supports most CAN-BUS protocols.

This device functions by extracting crucial data from the vehicle’s ECU, encompassing speed, RPM, odometer readings, and driver behavior data via the CAN-BUS system. Subsequently, it transmits this information remotely through the GPRS network or instantly via a Bluetooth connection.

Key Features of Topten TK228:

  1. 3G Compatibility: Ensures seamless connectivity via 3G networks.
  2. 4G/LTE Support: Equipped to function efficiently on 4G/LTE networks for enhanced performance.
  3. Blackbox Feature: Includes a blackbox functionality, aiding in the storage and retrieval of critical data.
  4. Built-in Odometer: Incorporates a built-in odometer, facilitating accurate mileage tracking and analysis.

Additionally, the TK228 incorporates innovative 2.4GHz RFID technology, allowing it to operate as a simplified keyless alarm system, enabling straightforward installation procedures. In the armed status, various activities such as engine ignition, vibration, power cutoff, or device removal trigger the alarm. Upon activation, the system promptly dispatches an alarm message along with the location details via SMS/GPRS to your mobile phone.

Integration of the device is subject to the terms and conditions of our GPS software.