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Topten TK208


The Topten TK208 2G GPS Tracker, featuring an OBD connector, facilitates a plug and play setup, ensuring an effortless installation process. It boasts smart engine on/off status detection and includes a wireless immobilizer, serving as a discreet vehicle security measure.

The TK208 OBD GPS tracker stands as a sophisticated and cost efficient solution catering to vehicle security, real time tracking, and efficient fleet management. This device encompasses various distinctive functions:

Key Features of Topten TK208:

  1. Support for 2.4G RFID function or regular Mifare1 IC card reading.
  2. Wireless immobilizer support for added security.
  3. Integration with GPS tracker and optional car alarm with a keyless tag.
  4. Plug and play design with an OBD connector, ensuring ease of installation.
  5. Smart engine ON/OFF status detection.
  6. Tracking options via SMS, Web, or APP.
  7. GPS tracker and car alarm functions, enabling arm and disarm through SMS, web, or phone call.
  8. Capability to check the car’s physical address, including city and street name.
  9. Wireless immobilizer for secure car stopping via SMS or Web.
  10. Data logger to store up to 5520 waypoints.
  11. Automatic arm/disarm function using RFID tag, RFID identification.
  12. Odometer function for accurate distance tracking.
  13. Furthermore, there is an Overspeed alarm to alert on passing limited speeds.
  14. Movement alarm for security alerts.

The TK208’s versatile features make it a comprehensive choice for better vehicle security, enabling real time tracking, and managing fleets effectively. Its wide array of functionalities, including RFID support, wireless immobilizer, and various alarm systems, ensures optimal safety and monitoring capabilities for vehicles.

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