Topten Electronics MT05


The Topten Electronics MT05 GPS Motorcycle/Vehicle Tracker stands as a budget-friendly answer for security and real-time tracking needs. Its compact size and waterproof design make it particularly suitable for motorcycle and car tracking.

Key Features of Topten Electronics MT05:

1. MT05 Super Mini Size: Compact dimensions of 405815mm, including the battery and relay, ensure a discreet and manageable tracker.

2. Power Save Design: Incorporates a power-saving design, optimizing energy efficiency for prolonged usage.

3. MT05 Smart Engine ON/OFF Detection: Smartly detects the engine’s ON/OFF status, enhancing monitoring accuracy.

4. 1MB Offline Data Logger: Equipped with a 1MB offline data logger for efficient data storage and retrieval.

5. Easy to Hide: Designed for easy concealment, providing added security and covert tracking capabilities.

6. MT05 Water Resistance: Features water-resistant properties, ensuring functionality even in adverse weather conditions.

7. Engine Control via SMS/Platform+Free APP: Enables engine control through SMS commands or the platform and a free accompanying app.

8. MT05 Location and Address Retrieval by SMS: Users can obtain the current location and address details conveniently through SMS.

9. Live Tracking: Facilitates real-time tracking for up-to-the-minute location updates.

10. Historical Playback: Allows users to replay historical data, offering insights into past routes and movements.

11. CE Certification: Holds the CE certification, ensuring compliance with European quality and safety standards.

In essence, the MT05 GPS Motorcycle/Vehicle Tracker provides an affordable and efficient solution for security and real-time tracking needs. Its compact size, water-resistant design, and a range of features such as smart engine detection, offline data logging, and engine control via SMS or platform contribute to its versatility and effectiveness. With the added benefits of live tracking, historical playback, and CE certification, it stands out as a reliable choice for motorcycle and car tracking applications.

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