Topten GT08


The Topten GT08 GPS Vehicle tracker emerges as a cutting-edge and affordable solution for vehicle security, real-time tracking, and efficient fleet management. With distinctive features, it stands out as a versatile option in the market.

This GT08 device offers unique functions, such as support for 2.4G RFID or regular Mifare1 IC card reading, enhancing security and user authentication. Additionally, it provides support for a wireless immobilizer, fuel leaking alarm, speed limiter, and fatigue driving alarm. Moreover, users can opt for integration with a GPS tracker and a car alarm with an optional keyless tag.

Key Functions of Topten GT08:

  1. Tracking options are available via SMS, Web, or APP, providing users with flexibility in monitoring their vehicles.
  2. GT08 RFID functionality supports personnel identification, accommodating 2.4G active RFID reader and Mifare1 IC card reader (optional features).
  3. Keyless alarm functions with support for arming/disarming via SMS, web, calling, or RFID tag offer diverse and user-friendly security controls.
  4. Users can check the car’s real physical address, including city and street name details, adding practicality to the tracking experience.
  5. LBS location checking allows users to track the vehicle even when there is no GPS signal, enhancing location accuracy.
  6. GT08 Smart detection of engine on/off and door open/close status contributes to an intelligent and responsive tracking system.
  7. Optional voice monitoring and two-way talking features provide additional communication capabilities.
  8. Various alarm options, including engine on, door open, power failure, vibration, movement, Geo-fence, over-speed, and SOS alarms (optional), ensure comprehensive security alerts.
  9. GT08 Tracking can be customized by time interval or distance, catering to different user preferences.
  10. The device offers the capability to safely stop the car via SMS or Web, providing users with control over their vehicles.

GT08 GPS Vehicle Tracker excels in combining advanced features with user-friendly controls, making it an ideal choice for fleet management. Its functionality including RFID support, keyless alarm features, and a variety of alarm options, positions it as a comprehensive solution.

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