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Topflytech TLW2-6BL

Manufacturer: TOPFLYtech

TLW2-6BL hardwired tracker, tailored for powered assets and vehicles, offering enhanced features, making it perfect for complex fleet management, logistics, and cold chain needs.

Key Features of Topflytech TLW2-6BL:

Advanced Location Updates:

Benefit from real-time location updates with a frequency as high as 3 seconds, ensuring accurate tracking. Additionally, the device can store up to 60,000 location points in a buffer, maintaining tracking continuity during network coverage gaps.

Global Network Compatibility:

The TLW2-6BL supports 4G CAT-M1 global bands with 2G fallback, ensuring widespread network coverage for reliable connectivity.

BLE 5.0 Integration:

Seamlessly connect with BLE sensors, including TOPFLYtech’s TSTH1-B for temperature and humidity monitoring, TSDT1-B for door status, TSR1-B for wireless relay, and compatibility with your own sensors.

Ignition Alerts:

Receive timely alerts for ignition events, providing instant notifications when the engine is switched on or off, enhancing real-time awareness of vehicle activity.

Disconnection Notifications:

Stay informed with disconnection alerts, receiving notifications when the device is disconnected from its power source, ensuring continuous monitoring.

Driving Behavior Detection:

The TLW2-6BL goes beyond basic tracking by detecting driving behavior, including harsh acceleration, turning, braking, crashes, and speeding events, adding an extra layer of safety and awareness.

Wide Range of Power Compatibility:

With external power support ranging from DC 7V to 60V, the tracker accommodates various external power sources.

Low Power Consumption:

Experience low power consumption on assets due to the integration of the latest technologies, ensuring extended usage without frequent recharging.

Customizable I/Os:

The tracker offers multiple digital and analog I/Os, providing compatibility with various accessories such as wiring relays, buzzers, and sirens.


In summary, the TLW2-6BL hardwired tracker stands out as a reliable and versatile solution, offering advanced location updates, global network compatibility, BLE integration, ignition alerts, disconnection notifications, driving behavior detection, power flexibility, low consumption, and customization options through multiple I/Os.

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