Topflytech TLW2-12BL

Manufacturer: TOPFLYtech
TLW2-12BL (4G LTE)

The Topflytech TLW2-12BL hardwired model, equipped with multiple I/Os for versatile applications, offering a comprehensive solution for customized tracking needs.

Key Features of Topflytech TLW2-12BL:

Advanced Location Updates:

Enjoy real-time location updates with a frequency as high as 3 seconds, ensuring accurate and timely tracking information. Additionally, the device can store up to 60,000 location points in a buffer for situations where network coverage is unavailable.

Global Network Compatibility:

The TLW2-12BL supports 4G CAT-M1 global bands with 2G fallback, providing extensive coverage and ensuring reliable connectivity in various regions.

BLE 5.0 Integration:

Seamlessly connect with BLE sensors, including TOPFLYtech’s TSTH1-B for temperature and humidity monitoring, TSDT1-B for door status, TSR1-B for wireless relay, and compatibility with your own sensors.

Ignition Alerts:

Receive instant alerts for ignition events, notifying you when the engine is switched on or off, ensuring real-time awareness of vehicle activity.

Disconnection Notifications:

Stay informed with disconnection alerts, receiving notifications when the device is disconnected from its power source.

Driving Behavior Detection:

The TLW2-12BL goes beyond basic tracking by detecting driving behavior, including harsh acceleration, turning, braking, crashes, and speeding events.

Wide Range of Power Compatibility:

With external power support ranging from DC 7V to 60V, the device caters to a broad spectrum of external power sources, enhancing its flexibility for different applications.

Low Power Consumption:

Benefit from low power consumption due to the integration of the latest technologies, ensuring prolonged usage without frequent recharging.

Multiple I/Os for Customization:

The tracker offers multiple digital and analog I/Os, providing compatibility with various accessories such as wiring relays, buzzers, and sirens. This feature is particularly useful for vehicle immobilization to enhance anti-theft capabilities.


In summary, the TLW2-12BL hardwired tracker stands out as a versatile and user-friendly solution, offering advanced location updates, global network compatibility, BLE integration, ignition alerts, disconnection notifications, driving behavior detection, power flexibility, low consumption, and customization options through multiple I/Os.

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