Topflytech TLP2-SFB

Manufacturer: TOPFLYtech

The Topflytech TLP2-SFB, is a powerful 4G LTE Large Solar Powered Asset Tracker ideal for tracking various assets such as containers, trailers, and trucks. This device provides real-time location updates and movement alerts, making it a versatile and reliable solution.

Key Features of Topflytech TLP2-SFB:

Efficient Location Tracking:

The TLP2-SFB offers real-time location updates with a frequency as high as 3 seconds, ensuring accurate and up-to-date tracking information. Additionally, it can save up to 60,000 location points in the buffer when out of network coverage.

Comprehensive Movement Alerts:

The tracker is equipped with movement alerts, notifying users about asset activities, including both movement and parking events.

Solar-Powered Sustainability:

Utilizing a solar panel, this tracker harnesses solar power to extend its battery life, offering an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for long-term asset monitoring.

Rugged Construction:

Designed with a thick and solid casing, the TLP2-SFB boasts rugged construction suitable for outdoor use, ensuring durability and reliability.

Long Battery Life:

Further, the rechargeable Li-Polymer 9600mAh/3.6V battery ensures an extended battery life, lasting for months even without solar charging.

BLE 5.0 Compatibility:

The tracker seamlessly integrates with TOPFLYtech’s BLE sensors, supporting various functionalities such as temperature and humidity sensing, door sensing, wireless relay, and compatibility with custom sensors.

Removal Alerts:

Moreover, the device provides removal alerts, sending notifications when it is detached or pulled off from the asset, enhancing security measures.

Easy Installation Options:

Furthermore, users can effortlessly install the tracker using magnets, screws, polyurethane, or heavy-duty tape, providing flexibility and convenience.

Waterproof Design:

Tested in a 5-meter water pressure environment for 15 hours, the TLP2-SFB is certified with an IP67 waterproof rating, ensuring resilience against water exposure.


In summary, the TLP2-SFB stands out as a user-friendly, durable, and efficient asset tracker, offering real-time tracking, movement alerts, solar-powered sustainability, and compatibility with various sensors for comprehensive asset monitoring.

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