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Topflytech TLP1-P

Manufacturer: TOPFLYtech

The Topflytech TLP1-P, a versatile GSM asset tracking device designed for a wide range of applications, provides efficient and reliable tracking solutions.

Key Features of Topflytech TLP1-P:

Advanced Connectivity:

The TLP1-P supports 4G LTE Cat M1, NB-IoT, and EGPRS technologies, providing advanced connectivity for seamless tracking and monitoring.

High-Performance Antennas:

Equipped with high-performance LDS internal antennas, this device provides strong and stable signal reception for optimal functionality.

User-Friendly Function Button:

Featuring a function button, the TLP1-P offers a user friendly interface, allowing easy and convenient operations for various tracking needs.

Motion-Controlled Operations:

The tracker incorporates motion-controlled operations, enhancing its efficiency by responding to movements for accurate tracking.

Waterproof Design:

With an IP66 waterproof rating, the TLP1-P is designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions, providing durability, and reliability.

Long-Lasting Battery:

The device is powered by a 4800mAh/3.7V battery, providing a long lasting power source for extended usage without frequent recharging.

Built-in Light & Temperature Sensor:

Incorporating a built-in light and temperature sensor, the tracker offers additional functionality for comprehensive environmental monitoring.

AGPS and MQTT Support:

The TLP1-P supports AGPS technology, providing precise and reliable positioning. Additionally, it provides MQTT support for efficient data communication.

USB Charging:

With USB charging capability, users can easily recharge the device, giving convenience and flexibility in maintaining its power.


The tracker facilitates firmware updates over the air, giving that users can benefit from the latest enhancements and features without manual intervention.


In summary, the TLP1-P stands out as a reliable and user friendly GSM asset tracking device, offering advanced connection, motion-controlled operations, a waterproof design, long lasting battery, and additional features for comprehensive tracking solutions.

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