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Topflytech TLP1-LF

Manufacturer: TOPFLYtech

When a frequent location update isn’t necessary for stationary assets, the Topflytech TLP1-LF is an optimal choice. With 1-4 updates per day, it maintains a healthy battery consumption rate for prolonged tracking.

Key Features of Topflytech TLP1-LF:

  1. TLP1-LF Fixed Reporting Interval:
    • Establishes a consistent reporting interval, ensuring regular updates to minimize power consumption effectively.
  2. Rugged Construction:
    • Boasts a robust and durable design, featuring a thick and solid casing for reliable outdoor use and longevity.
  3. Long Life Battery:
    • Equipped with a non-rechargeable 8100 mAh/3.6V battery, providing an extended operational life. Replacement is available at a small cost.
  4. TLP1-LF IP67 Waterproof:
    • Successfully tested in a 5-meter water pressure environment for 15 hours, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions.
  5. TLP1-LF Removal Alerts:
    • Immediately sends alerts upon tampering or removal of the device from the asset, enhancing security measures.
  6. Easy Installation:
    • Facilitates user-friendly installation options, allowing mounting with magnets, screws, polyurethane, or heavy duty tape as per user preference.

The TLP1-LF, designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, offers a practical solution for tracking stationary assets with its fixed reporting interval and durable construction. The long-life battery, coupled with IP67 waterproofing, ensures reliable performance even in demanding outdoor environments. Additionally, removal alerts add an extra layer of security, while the ease of installation makes it a versatile choice for end-users.

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