Topflytech TLD2-D

Manufacturer: TOPFLYtech

The Topflytech TLD2-D Plug & Play OBDII tracker with CAN BUS reading tracks vehicles and provides vital vehicle data, including ignition, VIN, odometer, and fuel level. When working with BLE sensors, it monitors temperature, humidity, door status, etc. This vehicle tracker requires no installation or maintenance but offers powerful functions.

Features of Topflytech TLD2-D:

Real-time and buffered locations:

Real-time location updates can occur as frequently as every 3 seconds. Up to 60,000 location points can be saved in the buffer if out of network coverage.

Plug & Play

No installation or maintenance needed.

CAN BUS reading

Includes VIN, odometer, fuel level, RPM, and DTC.

Driving behavior detection

Utilizes a 6-axis accelerometer to accurately detect reckless driving events such as harsh acceleration, turning, braking, and crashes.

BLE 5.0 for sensors

Compatible with TOPFLYtech’s BLE temp & humi sensor TSTH1-B, temp & door sensor TSDT1-B, wireless relay TSR1-B, and your own sensors.

Reckless Driving Buzzer

Internal buzzer warns drivers when harsh driving behavior occurs.

Disconnection alerts

Alerts for the device disconnected from power.

Backup battery

Backup power for sending disconnection alerts when power is disconnected.

Ignition on/off alerts

Alerts for the engine switching on or off.

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