Teltonika TFT100

Manufacturer: Teltonika

Teltonika TFT100 also know as E-FORKLIFT TRACKERPLUS is a device for electric forklift tracking and management. It offers not even enhanced Voltage but also a real-time tracking possibility and a 1-Wire interface for monitoring temperature data and RFID/iButton tags. 10-97 V power supply range allows the device to be used with equipment that requires high voltage support.
Improve productivity, accuracy and reduce operational downtime, enhance safety and security. You can achieve all of this with a single Electric Forklift Tracker, which is designed for smart machinery management. This solution allows you to get the required data from the smart machinery (including CAN data) and increase the added value of your management application. By connecting your forklifts, telehandlers, loaders, and scissor platforms, the solution reduces or even eliminates the costs caused by accidents, downtime, or even theft, and at the same time improves your business efficiency.