Teltonika MTB100

Manufacturer: Teltonika

Consolidating driving innovation, expertise and administration in planning and assembling, it covers huge measure of purpose cases: from armada the board and security to associated vehicle, protection telematics and vehicle sharing. In any case, Teltonika is more than that – it is tied in with enhancing, motivating, associating, teaching and dependable organization.


The Teltonika MTB100 serves as a tracking terminal, equipped with GNSS and GSM connectivity, enabling the collection and transfer of device coordinates through the GSM network to a server. It proves particularly beneficial for applications demanding the acquisition of remote object locations.

Features of Teltonika MTB100

The device incorporates a Teltonika TM2500 quad band module supporting GSM 850,900,1800,1900 MHz frequencies, GPRS class 12 with speeds up to 85.6 kbps, and SMS functionality for both text and data. Additionally, it houses an integrated GNSS receiver with a sensitivity of up to -165 dBm.

Hardware Specifications

It includes a built in movement sensor, Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, an internal high gain GNSS antenna, an internal high-gain GSM antenna, and a 128 MB Flash for storage, accommodating 422,400 records. Supplies power in the range of +6 to +30 V, and the device includes a 170 mAh rechargeable battery.

Interface wise, it offers 1 digital input, 1 analog input, and 1 open collector digital output for connecting external devices like relays, LEDs, or buzzers. A status-indicating LED is present to convey device status.

Special Specification of Teltonika MTB100

Features precise tracking in urban areas, compact design, durability for harsh environments, easy mounting in tight spaces, and secure fastening.

It incorporates a single LED for status indication, real-time tracking capabilities, and smart data acquisition based on time, speed, angle, distance, ignition, or other input and output events. Acquired data is sent via GPRS, supporting both GPRS and SMS Input and output events. The device also includes a virtual odometer, jamming detection, and reconfigurability through secured SMS commands.