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Teltonika FMC 125

Manufacturer: Teltonika

The Teltonika FMC 125 is a tracking terminal equipped with GNSS and GSM connectivity. It efficiently gathers device coordinates and transmits them through the GSM network to a server. This device is ideal for applications that demand the location tracking of distant objects.


Benefit from reliable 4G LTE Cat 1 network coverage with automatic fallback to 2G. This guarantees future-proof network support for your fleet.


Utilize RS232/RS485 serial interfaces for fuel monitoring and other external data retrieval.


Enable accurate fuel usage control through the impulse input, which reads data from fuel flow meters.


Take advantage of dual SIM functionality to significantly reduce roaming costs.

Teltonika FMC 125 Features:

Explore the diverse capabilities of MeiG SLM320-E, MeiG SLM320-LA, Quectel EC21-EC, Quectel EC21-AU, Quectel EC21-J, and Quectel EC21-KL, along with Teltonika TM2500. These devices boast LTE (CaT1), 3G (UMTS/HSPA), 2G (GSM/GPRS), GNSS, and Bluetooth technologies. You can leverage SMS for both text and data communication. The integrated GNSS receiver, with an impressive sensitivity of up to -165 dBm, ensures accurate positioning.

Delving into Hardware Features:

These devices come equipped with a built-in movement sensor, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and internal high-gain antennas for GNSS and GSM.

Interface Features for Enhanced Connectivity:

Power supply ranges from +10 to +30V, and the devices offer 2 digital inputs, 1 analog input, and 1 open collector digital output. Additional features include a 1-Wire temperature sensor, 1-Wire iButton, LVCAN RX (INPUT 5), LVCAN TX (INPUT 6), RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces, and 2 LEDs indicating device status.

Unveiling Special Features:

Experience fast outdoor position fixes and high-quality tracking even in dense urban canyons. The devices come in ultra-small cases, are designed for harsh environments, and can be easily mounted in limited-access areas. With firm fastening and dual-SIM card support, they ensure reliability. The devices provide real-time tracking, and smart data acquisition based on time, speed, angle, distance, ignition, or other I/O events. Data can be sent via GPRS or SMS for I/O events. Additional features include a virtual odometer, jamming detection, and configurability using secured SMS commands. Overvoltage protection adds an extra layer of security to these devices.


In conclusion, the Teltonika FMC 125 offers a seamless solution for remote object tracking, ensuring future-proof network support, versatile functionality, precise fuel usage control, and cost-effective roaming.

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