Teltonika FMB240

Manufacturer: Teltonika

FMB240 is a WATER AND Residue Safe GSM/GNSS/Bluetooth tracker with incorporated CAN information processor. It is conservative 2 of every 1 arrangement: GPS tracker and CAN connector inside! Gadget permits to peruse CAN information from a large number of different vehicles, including light and electric vehicles, trucks, transports and unique hardware. Two choices accessible to satisfy any business requests:

LV-CAN200 choice – default programming adaptation with LV-CAN200 boundaries, including fuel level, utilization, odometer, CAN speed, pedal position, Upheld vehicle types: light vehicles, trucks, transports.

ALL-CAN300 option* – high level programming adaptation permits to peruse a bigger number of boundaries than default variant. Accessible extra boundaries incorporate AdBlue level, motor lifetime, airbag. Upheld vehicle types: horticulture, development, woods, utility and extraordinary hardware, light vehicles, trucks, transports + electric vehicles.

FMB240 is created on the current Teltonika stage, in this manner it keeps every one of the functionalities from FMB140 with an extra IP67 protection from residue and water.