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Teltonika FMB240

Manufacturer: Teltonika

The Teltonika FMB240 is a water and residue-safe GSM/GNSS/Bluetooth tracker featuring an integrated CAN data processor. It offers a compact 2-in-1 solution, functioning as both a GPS tracker and a CAN connector. This versatile device allows the reading of CAN data from a wide range of vehicles, including light and electric vehicles, trucks, buses, and special equipment. To cater to diverse business needs, two options are available:

  1. LV-CAN200 Option:
    • Default software version with LV-CAN200 parameters.
    • Monitors fuel level, consumption, odometer, CAN speed, pedal position.
    • Supports vehicle types: light vehicles, trucks, and buses.
  2. ALL-CAN300 Option:
    • Advanced software version enabling the reading of more parameters.
    • Additional parameters include AdBlue level, engine lifetime, and airbag.
    • Supports various vehicle types: agriculture, construction, forestry, utility and special equipment, light vehicles, trucks, buses, and electric vehicles.

The Teltonika FMB240, built on the Teltonika platform, retains all functionalities from the FMB140 with added IP67 protection against dust and water.

Key Features of Teltonika FMB240:

  • Teltonika TM2500 quad band module (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz)
  • GPRS Multi-Slot class 12 (Up to 85.6 kbps)
  • SMS (text, data)
  • Integrated GNSS receiver
  • Up to -165 dBm GNSS receiver sensitivity

Hardware Highlights:

  • Built-in CAN data processor
  • Built-in movement sensor
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Internal High Gain GNSS antenna
  • Internal High Gain GSM antenna
  • Internal flash memory 128MB (422,400 Records)
  • 170 mAh Li-ion rechargeable 3.7 V battery

Interface Features:

  • Power supply: +10…+30 V
  • 2 CAN lines
  • 1 digital input
  • 1 configurable input DIN2 with ground sense or AIN1
  • 1 configurable input DIN3 or AIN2
  • 2 open collector digital outputs (for external relays, LED, buzzers, etc.)
  • 1-Wire temperature sensor
  • 1-Wire iButton
  • 3 LEDs indicating device status

Special Attributes:

  • Fast position fix (Outdoor areas)
  • High-quality tracking, even in high-density urban canyons
  • Ultra-small case
  • Ready for harsh environments
  • Easy to mount in limited access areas
  • Firmly fasten
  • 2 LED status indications
  • Real-time tracking
  • Smart data acquisition based on time, speed, angle, distance, ignition, or any other I/O event
  • Data transmission via GPRS
  • GPRS and SMS I/O events
  • Virtual odometer
  • Jamming detection
  • Configurable using Secured SMS Commands
  • 1x micro SIM card; 1x eSIM
  • Overvoltage protection

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