Teltonika FMB230

Manufacturer: Teltonika

FMB230 is a WATER AND Residue Safe tracker with inward GNSS, GSM radio wires, configurable computerized/simple data sources/negative info/motivation inputs, three DOUT yields, Bluetooth network and reinforcement battery.

FMB230 is created on the current Teltonika stage, subsequently it keeps each of the functionalities from FMB130 with an extra IP67 protection from residue and water.

This tracker is dust tight and safeguarded against the impacts of a brief drenching in water. It tends to be mounted inside and beyond a vehicle without stresses that high compelled water, mud or dusty climate will influence its activity or execution quality. This is especially pertinent for the businesses where brutal circumstances exist, like farming, development and mining, and that’s just the beginning.

As well as FMB130, FMB230 has 3xDOUT, that permits you to utilize all the while 3 unique DOUT situations like: immobilizer, bell, alert lights, entryway lock and others.