Teltonika FMB130

Manufacturer: Teltonika

FMB130 is an ADVANCED tracker with internal GNSS, GSM antennas, configurable digital/analog inputs/negative input/impulse inputs, three DOUT outputs, Bluetooth connectivity, and a backup battery.
Teltonika keeps its promise to make IoT Easy. FMB130 device is the first device with negative input possibility. It allows you to save your precious integration time while connecting accessories like vehicle door sensors, alarm buttons, seatbelt detection, and similar sensors or accessories.
Additionally, we have integrated the possibility to enable Impulse Input for fuel flow meter data reading. Impulse-based fuel usage control is much more accurate than different kinds of fuel level sensors and enables the possibility to be precise if needed. It is the perfect solution for high fuel usage machines like cranes, construction vehicles, mining machines, agriculture equipment.
We have added one additional Digital Output. Now it is 3 of them in total! It is not surprising that DOUT is the most popular connection type on FMB1 family devices. It allows you to use simultaneously 3 different DOUT scenarios like an immobilizer, buzzer, alarm lights, door lock, and others.
New FMB130 is the first advanced vehicle tracking system with programmable DIN/AIN/Negative/Impulse input. The first input has the following choices: Digital, Analog, Negative, Impulse. The second input may be Digital or Analog.