Teltonika FMB125

Manufacturer: Teltonika
Teltonika FMB125

The Teltonika FMB125, equipped with RS485 / RS232, dual SIM, internal battery, GLONASS, Bluetooth, OBD2 adapter, internal high gain GSM antenna, and external GNSS antenna, serves as a versatile GPS tracker. This device goes beyond basic tracking capabilities by monitoring engine status and cabin door status.

When coupled with Teltonika CAN adapters, the FMB125 GPS tracker extends its functionality, providing additional data from the vehicle’s CAN bus. Whether dealing with light or heavy vehicles, Teltonika CAN readers can effectively read OBD on 1800 different vehicle models.

With built-in Bluetooth support, this tracker doubles as a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter, offering several advantages:

  1. Wireless Data Reading:
    • FMB125 Enables wireless reading of vehicle data and sensor readings through On-Board Diagnostics (OBD).
    • Can clear faults in the OBD2 system.
  2. Easy Configuration and Communication:
    • FMB125 Configurable via Bluetooth, allowing seamless connection to the configurator with a simple push.
    • Eliminates the need for a USB cable connection, streamlining the configuration process.
  3. Hands-Free Communication:
    • Bluetooth functionality enables calls to drivers without the need for a phone.
    • Drivers can use headsets for hands-free communication, enhancing safety.

Furthermore, the FMB125 GPS tracker supports the 1-Wire protocol, facilitating access and load control:

  • Access Control:
    • Supports up to 500 authorized users for vehicle access.
    • Utilizes iButton or RFID ID for secure access, preventing unauthorized use of fleet vehicles.
  • Load Control:
    • Integrates temperature sensors through the 1-Wire protocol.
    • Enables real-time monitoring of cargo temperature, ensuring optimal conditions during transportation.

In summary, the Teltonika FMB125 stands out as a multifunctional GPS tracker with enhanced capabilities for data reading, configuration, communication, and access/load control, making it a valuable asset for efficient fleet management.

With these advanced functionalities, the Teltonika FMB125 provides comprehensive tracking capabilities along with expanded access to vehicle data, efficient communication options, and enhanced control over vehicle access and cargo monitoring.

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