Teltonika FM1200

Manufacturer: Teltonika

Teltonika FM1200 is a GPS and GSM terminal designed for determining and transmitting object coordinates through the GSM network. It is well-suited for applications requiring remote object location.

Additionally, FM1200 features extra inputs and outputs, enabling the remote control and monitoring of other devices on objects. The device includes a USB port for device status log output and configuration input.

Key Features of Teltonika FM1200:

  1. Communication:

    • Teltonika TM11Q quad-band module (GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz).
    • GPRS class 10 for efficient data transfer.
    • SMS capability for text and data.
  2. GPS Functionality:

    • uBlox NEO-6 50 channel receiver with up to -160 dBm sensitivity.
  3. Hardware Specifications of Teltonika FM1200:

    • Cortex®-M3 processor for efficient processing.
    • 16 MB internal Flash memory for storage.
    • Built-in accelerometer for motion detection.
  4. Interface Features of FM1200:

    • Power supply range: 10 ÷ 30V.
    • USB port for convenient connectivity.
    • 2 digital inputs for versatile control.
    • 1 digital/analog input (configurable) for flexibility.
    • 2 open collector digital outputs for remote device control.
    • 1Wire® temperature sensor for temperature monitoring.
    • 1Wire® iButton for additional functionality.
    • LEDs indicating device status.
  5. Special Features of Teltonika FM1200:

    • Event triggers for various elements (external sensor, input, speed, temperature, etc.)
    • Highly configurable data acquisition and sending.
    • Multiple Geo-fence areas for enhanced security.
    • Sleep mode for power efficiency.
    • Deep sleep mode for further power conservation.
    • Configurable scenarios for customized functionality.
    • Real-time process of FM1200 monitoring for prompt insights.
    • Authorized number list for secure remote access.
    • Firmware update options over GPRS or USB port.
    • Configuration update via GPRS, SMS, or USB port.
    • Support for TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocols.
    • Ample record storage capacity of 100,000 records.

FM1200 combines precise tracking capabilities with a range of features, making it a versatile solution for diverse remote monitoring and control applications.

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