Technoton DUT-E 2Bio

Manufacturer: Technoton

Various fuel types (summer diesel, winter diesel and especially biodiesel) have different permittivity values. That explains the difference in fuel volume measurement when capacitive fuel sensors are used. For taking that differences in account, DUT-E 2Bio differential fuel level sensors is made.

DUT-E 2Bio has three measuring electrodes, what allows sensor to detect various fuel types automatically. Advantages of DUT-E 2Bio differential fuel level sensor:

  • automatically detects changes in fuel composition by predefined pattern
  • makes automatic correction and measure fuel volume precisely
  • detects tank fill-up and fuel draining volumes
  • identifies composition of fuel and indirectly evaluates fuel quality
  • Automatic recognition of fuel type in a fuel tank, where the sensor is installed.

DUT-E 2Bio is used as part of GPS tracking system, vehicle telematics and fuel monitoring systems or as a replacement for standard vehicle FLS.