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Streamax M1N-H0401

Manufacturer: Streamax Technology
Streamax M1N-H0401

Streamax M1N-H0401 stands out as a cost-effective Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) designed explicitly for mobile video surveillance and remote monitoring. With advanced features and a focus on scalability, this device offers an efficient solution for a variety of applications.

Cutting-Edge Features

Embedded Linux Operating System

The MDVR is equipped with an embedded Linux operating system, providing a stable and secure platform for reliable video processing and storage.

AHD with AI Function Extension

M1N-H0401 incorporates Analog High Definition (AHD) with AI function extension, enhancing its video surveillance capabilities and supporting extended AI functions.

H.265/H.264 Encoding and Decoding

Utilizing advanced H.265/H.264 encoding and decoding technologies optimizes memory space utilization, ensuring efficient video processing and storage.

Dual SD Cards

With dual SD card support, the MDVR provides additional storage capacity and redundancy, enhancing data reliability.

Efficient Operation and Maintenance

Remote Upgrade and Maintenance

M1N-H0401 supports remote upgrade and maintenance, allowing for seamless updates and efficient management.

Anti-Vibration Performance

Designed to withstand vibrations common in mobile environments, the MDVR exhibits excellent anti-vibration performance, ensuring stable video recording.

Simple Design and Installation

Flexible and Easy Installation

With a focus on simplicity, M1N-H0401 boasts a simple design, providing flexibility and ease of installation across diverse mobile setups.

Comprehensive Functions

Extended AI Functions

M1N-H0401 goes beyond standard features, supporting Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) functions, Blind Spot Detection (BSD), and Driver Status Monitor (DSM), contributing to safer driving practices.

Reliability and Scalability

High Reliability

Featuring comprehensive functions, M1N-H0401 offers a robust and reliable solution for mobile video surveillance and remote monitoring needs.


The device is designed with high functional scalability, making it adaptable to evolving surveillance requirements.

Streamax M1N-H0401 is a budget-friendly MDVR that excels in performance, providing a reliable platform for various mobile video surveillance applications.