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Streamax C6D V5.0-A

Manufacturer: Streamax Technology

The C6DV5.0-A stands out as a versatile mobile DVR, seamlessly integrating a storage module, power supply module, and audio-video module. This compact device offers an array of features, while including audio-video recording and playback, making it an invaluable asset for diverse applications.

Key Product Features

1. Expanded Video Storage Options
  • C6DV5.0-A supports TF card video storage, providing flexibility in recording options.
  • Dual TF card slots allow for extended video storage capacity, also with a single card accommodating up to 256GB of data.
2. Secure and Concealed Installation
  • The TF card is securely concealed, incorporating an anti-theft function to safeguard valuable data.
  • Designed for easy installation on the rear glass of the rear-view mirror, it also ensures an unobstructed view for the driver.
3. Driver-Centric Installation
  • Strategically positioned to avoid blocking the driver’s sight, the C6DV5.0-A prioritizes driver safety and comfort.
  • Installation on the rear-view mirror enhances accessibility without compromising driving visibility.
4. Disaster Tolerance for Data Preservation
  • The disaster tolerance feature is a standout, guaranteeing the preservation of accident videos under adverse conditions.
  • This also ensures critical footage remains intact and accessible, while contributing to effective post-incident analysis.
5. Patent Protection
  • C6DV5.0-A is backed by patents listed at patentlist.hevcadvance.com, reinforcing its innovative design and technological advancements.
  • These patents serve as a testament to the unique attributes that set C6DV5.0-A apart in the realm of mobile DVRs.


In conclusion, the C6DV5.0-A represents a pinnacle in mobile DVR technology, offering a harmonious blend of advanced features and user-centric design. Crafting each facet of this device meticulously aims to meet the diverse needs of its users, encompassing expanded storage options, secure installation, and disaster tolerance. As a patented solution, it also exemplifies a commitment to innovation and sets a new standard in the domain of mobile DVRs.