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Skypatrol TT8750N+

Manufacturer: Skypatrol

TT8750N+The Skypatrol TT8750N+ is a fully-featured GPS tracking device meticulously configured to meet diverse installation, connectivity, and performance needs. Boasting three digital inputs, one analog input, and three digital outputs, this device offers operators unparalleled flexibility in connecting multiple sensors for comprehensive data capture. The inclusion of an SMA connector facilitates the connection of an optional external antenna, addressing challenges in demanding installations.

Versatile Connectivity and Durability:

The TT8750N+ stands out with its circular and polygonal geofencing capabilities, accommodating up to 250 circular fences and 25 points with 9 vertices for polygonal geofences. The addition of route geofencing further enhances flexibility with up to 25 points and 10 vertices, featuring customizable width by groups. Battery level events and low power consumption ensure efficient operation, while the motion sensor and backup battery contribute to prolonged operational life in power outage situations.

Advanced Features of Skypatrol TT8750N+:

  1. TT8750N+ Fast Implementation, Low Operation Costs:
    • Ensures swift implementation with minimal operational costs for efficiency.
  2. TT8750N+ Geofencing Options:
    • Offers circular geofencing for up to 250 fences, polygonal geofences with 25 points, and route geofencing with customizable width.
  3. Battery Level Event and Value:
    • Includes battery level events as part of messages, increasing tracking accuracy.
  4. Low Power Consumption:
    • Prioritizes low power consumption for long device operation.
  5. TT8750N+ Messaging Control:
    • Enables messaging control through sequential identification as part of each event.
  6. Buffer Log and ISO 9141-2:
    • Boasts a 3.2K buffer log independent of message format and supports ISO 9141-2.
  7. Flexible Customization:
    • Features a built in programmable rules engine for better customization.
  8. Counter Logic and Event Handling:
    • Furthermore, it provides seven different types of counter logic and efficient event handling.
  9. TT8750N+ Map Link Feature:
    • Incorporates a map link feature for increasing location visualization.
  10. Motion Sensor & Backup Battery:
    • Integrates a highly sensitive motion sensor and backup battery for reliable power management.
  11. Quad Band Modem:
    • Equipped with a quad band modem for robust and efficient connection.
  12. TT8750N+ Durable, Splash-Proof Housing:
    • Housed in a durable, high quality, and splash proof casing for better mounting options.

In summary, the TT8750N+ by Skypatrol stands as a better and more reliable GPS tracking device, addressing various connection and customization needs. With advanced features and durable construction, it offers operators a comprehensive solution for efficient tracking and data capture. Contact us today to explore the capabilities of this robust device.

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