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Skypatrol SP9824

Manufacturer: Skypatrol

The Skypatrol SP9824 is an effortlessly deployable asset tracker incorporating innovative power management tech. Boasting an impressive seven-year battery life, it stands out for its extended durability in its compact category. Designed with built in light sensors, it’s highly responsive to tampering, and its waterproof build ensures reliable performance in challenging conditions.

This product, equipped with internal temperature and light sensors, proves better for environmental monitoring applications. Whether it’s cold chain logistics, warehouse management, cargo trucking, or high value static asset monitoring, the SP9824 excels. Additionally, its application extends to auto financing scenarios, showcasing its adaptability across diverse use cases.

Features of Skypatrol SP9824:

1. SP9824 Connectivity:

  • Global LTE CAT M1/NB1 with 2G fallback ensures reliable and widespread connection.

2. SP9824 Extended Standby Time:

  • Enjoy an outstanding seven-year standby time, surpassing industry standards for long usage.

3. SP9824 Durability and Waterproofing:

  • Furthermore, it is compliant with IP67, the tracker boasts waterproof capabilities, making it perfect in various conditions.

4. Self-Powered Design:

  • Furthermore, it operates without relying on vehicle power or an external charger, increasing convenience.

5. Installation Simplicity:

  • No intricate installation is required; simply place it in the glove box, console, or a unknown location.

6. SP9824 Asset Monitoring Excellence:

  • Lastly, Tailored for asset monitoring and lot management, it excels in keeping track of valuable resources.

In essence, the Skypatrol SP9824 redefines asset tracking with its user-friendly design, impressive battery life, and adaptability to various monitoring needs. Its features, from global connectivity to waterproofing, make it a reliable choice for businesses across different industries.

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