Skypatrol SP9603

Manufacturer: Skypatrol
Skypatrol SP9603

the Skypatrol SP9603 series, an ideal choice for prolonged mobile asset tracking. Whether you’re monitoring shipping containers, medical supplies, heavy equipment, or military assets, this portable GPS tracker provides a reliable solution for real-time location updates during transportation.

Versatile Power Options of Skypatrol SP9603:

The SP9603 series offers a unique design, allowing users to opt for either replaceable or rechargeable batteries. Utilizing replaceable CR123 batteries with a total capacity of 6000 mAh, it guarantees three years of weekly message transmissions. Additionally, the devices can accommodate rechargeable batteries and be conveniently charged via an external power connector.

Advanced Features of Skypatrol SP9603:

  1. SP9603 3G Modem:
    • Equipped with a 3G modem, ensuring reliable and efficient data transmission.
  2. SP9603 High-Sensitivity AGPS Module:
    • Features a 50-channel high-sensitivity AGPS module for accurate and swift location tracking.
  3. Battery Resistance Indication:
    • Provides battery resistance indication, offering insights into power status for proactive management.
  4. SP9603 Dual Communication (GPRS + SMS):
    • Enables dual communication through GPRS and SMS, ensuring versatile and effective data transmission.
  5. SP9603 Geofence Management:
    • Facilitates geofence management for precise and customized location based tracking.
  6. Location Based on GSM Tower (Secondary):
    • Utilizes GSM tower information for secondary location data, providing tracking accuracy.
  7. Intelligent Energy Management:
    • Implements intelligent energy management for optimized battery usage and prolonged device life.
  8. Waterproof Design (IP67 Rating):
    • Boasts a waterproof design with an IP67 rating, providing durability in various environmental conditions.
  9. SP9603 Magnetic Support (Optional):
    • Offers optional magnetic support for convenient and easy installations.
  10. Quad Band GSM Modem:
  • Equipped with a Quad Band GSM modem for reliable communication across diverse networks.
  1. Replaceable 6000 mAh Battery:
  • The replaceable 6000 mAh battery ensures extended operational life and convenience.
  1. SP9603 Extended Power Pack (Optional):
  • Provides an optional extended power pack for users seeking additional power capacity.

In summary, the Skypatrol SP9603 series stands out as a better and more reliable solution for extended mobile asset tracking. With advanced features, versatile power options, and durability, it caters to diverse applications, providing efficient monitoring of valuable assets.

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