Skypatrol SP8824

Manufacturer: Skypatrol
SP8824 Series

Skypatrol SP8824, is a versatile personal GPS tracker catering to everyday tracking needs. Designed with visibility in mind, it’s perfect for children, seniors, or anyone seeking to monitor loved ones. Its functionality extends beyond personal use, making it an ideal solution for personnel management in security services, courier logistics, and sales teams. The built-in “alert” button ensures instant notifications for predefined destinations. Coupled with user-friendly applications, the SP8824 offers complete control, including geofencing capabilities for real-time movement and activity updates.

Features of Skypatrol SP8824:

1. Compact GPS Locator:

  • Its compact size makes it ideal for personal tracking without being obtrusive.

2. Water Resistance:

  • Compliant with IPX5 standards, ensuring durability in various conditions.

3. SP8824 Certified LTE B13:

  • Reliable connectivity with LTE B13 certification for widespread coverage.

4. SP8824 Versatile Transmit Protocols:

  • Supports TCP, UDP, and SMS for flexible and efficient data transmission.

5. Aggressive GPS/GNSS Chipset:

  • Boasts ultra-sensitivity for accurate tracking and fast Time To First Fix (TTFF).

6. Built-in Geofences:

  • Allows the creation of up to 5 geofences for precise movement monitoring.

7. Low Power Consumption:

  • Ensures long standby time with an internal battery, minimizing the need for frequent charging.

8. Full Power Management:

  • Efficiently manages power consumption, optimizing device performance.

9. SP8824 Internal Antennas:

  • Internal CDMA/GNSS antennas contribute to a streamlined and portable design.

10. Function Button for Portability:

  • Features a function button, enhancing portability and ease of use.

11. Instant Notifications:

  • Receive instant notifications via email or SMS when the message button is pressed.

12. Thumb-Sized Activation Button:

  • The small, thumb sized button ensures easy and convenient activation.

13. SP8824 3D Motion Sensor:

  • Furthermore, it is built-in 3D motion sensor enhances tracking accuracy and functionality.

14. Web-Based Device Management:

  • Manage the device easily through a user friendly web based interface.

15. FOTA & OTA Capability:

  • Allows Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) and Over-The-Air (OTA) capability for seamless updates.

16. SP8824 Low Battery Alarm:

  • Receive an alarm notification when the battery is low, providing uninterrupted functionality.

In summary, the Skypatrol SP8824 offers an array of features, from compact design to better transmit protocols, making it an ideal solution for personal and personnel tracking needs. With user friendly applications and advanced capabilities, it ensures efficient and convenient monitoring for various scenarios.

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