Skypatrol SP8502

Manufacturer: Skypatrol
Skypatrol SP8502

The Skypatrol SP8502 from Skypatrol stands out as a personal GPS device renowned for its compact size, discretion, and robustness, making it an excellent choice for tracking, monitoring, and ensuring wearer security via the alert button activation.

Portable and Reliable of Skypatrol SP8502:

This device proves ideal for various roles such as security/police officers, sales reps, and couriers. It offers reassurance by allowing easy tracking from any smartphone or computer. With text or email alerts, you stay informed, configuring alerts if they breach preset boundaries for added security.

Key Features of Skypatrol SP8502:

  1. SP8502 GPS Receiver with SBAS:
    • Equipped with a 50-channel GPS receiver featuring SBAS for enhanced accuracy.
  2. SP8502 AGPS Modules:
    • Incorporates AGPS modules for efficient and reliable location tracking.
  3. SP8502 Location Accuracy:
    • Offers an impressive location accuracy of 2 meters CEP for precise tracking.
  4. GSM/GPRS Transmitter Power:
    • Provides reliable GSM/GPRS transmitter power with specified dB levels.
  5. Low Battery Notification:
    • Notifies users of low battery status, ensuring continuous operation.
  6. Alert Configurations:
    • Allows setting and receiving alerts upon surpassing predetermined limits.
  7. SP8502 Motion Detection:
    • Utilizes a 3-axis accelerometer for motion alerts, with customizable thresholds.
  8. SP8502 Additional Sensors:
    • Features light and temperature sensors for comprehensive monitoring.
  9. Panic Button:
    • Includes a panic button for immediate alerts in emergency situations.
  10. Rechargeable Battery:
    • Offers two options: a 2000mAh or 1300mAh rechargeable ion battery for prolonged usage.
  11. Internal Battery:
    • Incorporates a 4.2V internal battery for added operational support.

In essence, the SP8502 by Skypatrol is a advance personal GPS device known for its reliability and compactness. It caters to various professions, ensuring easy tracking and security measures through smartphone or computer accessibility. With precise location accuracy, motion alerts, and multiple sensors, it provides a holistic solution for personal monitoring. Contact us today to explore the functionalities of this reliable tracking companion.

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