Skypatrol SP6824

Manufacturer: Skypatrol

The Skypatrol SP6824, our cutting-edge GPS tracking device, is meticulously crafted to meet global certifications for carriers and countries. Engineered for durability, it thrives in the toughest vehicle telematics conditions. Versatile, it caters to various applications, from subprime automotive to fleet and consumer telematics.

SP6824 with multiple input/output interfaces, the SP6824 is ideal for monitoring or controlling external devices. Furthermore, Its cellular antenna, designed for urban and rural challenges, boasts improved logic. The latest firmware design, featuring optimized over-the-air capability, ensures easy updates for users.

While Users can effortlessly monitor a vehicle’s status and control it through the SP6824’s external relay output. This device is a reliable and adaptable solution for diverse vehicle location needs.

Features of Skypatrol SP6824:

1. SP6824 Connectivity Options:

  • LTE Cat-M1, NB-IoT & GPRS support for robust communication capabilities.
  • Firmware updates are made easy with over-the-air functionality.

2. SP6824 Antenna Performance:

  • Integrated cellular and GPS antennas ensure consistent and reliable performance.
  • Excellent GPS tracking and acquisition sensitivity for accurate location data.

3. SP6824 Durability:

  • Rated IP67 for superior protection against dust and water.
  • While An additional IP54 rating adds an extra layer of resilience.

4. GPS Precision:

  • Furthermore, it is built with an integrated high precision GPS engine for better accuracy.

5. SP6824 Communication Protocols:

  • Furthermore, it also supports SMS, UDP, TCP, FTP & MQTT for better data communications.

6. Input/Output Interfaces:

  • While 1 Ignition Input and 2 Digital Outputs for efficient monitoring and control.

7. Compact Design:

  • Micro-sized for easy, covert installations, providing practicality and flexibility.

8. Cost-Effective Solution:

  • Offers a budget friendly GPS tracking solution without affecting quality.

In conclusion, the SP6824 emerges as a top-tier GPS tracking device, distinguished by its exceptional durability, easy connection, and pinpoint precision. Furthermore, its rich capabilities, coupled with advanced features, render it a highly cost effective choice for vehicle tracking applications.

Integration of the device is subject to the terms and conditions of our software.