Skypatrol SP5824

Manufacturer: Skypatrol

The Skypatrol SP5824 4G LTE series, a compact and water-resistant GPS tracking device tailor-made for motorcycles and powersport vehicles like ATVs, jet-skis, snowmobiles, and boats. These devices prioritize low power consumption, ensuring the preservation of the powersport vehicle’s battery. With added features like an internal backup battery and GSM jamming detection, they stand out. Offering multiple I/O interfaces, including options like distance traveled, change course, time and event, and I/O upload modes, these devices are user-friendly, facilitating easy installation and operation.

Features of Skypatrol SP5824:

1. Waterproof Design:

  • Boasting an IP67 rating, the devices excel in water resistance, ensuring durability in diverse environments.

2. SP5824 Driving Behavior Monitoring:

  • Keep tabs on driving behavior for enhanced safety and efficiency on the road.

3. SP5824 4G LTE Connectivity:

  • With 4G LTE capabilities, these devices guarantee fast and reliable connectivity for seamless tracking.

4. Buffer Message Capacity:

  • Accommodating up to 10,000 buffer messages, ensuring comprehensive data storage.

5. SP5824 Zero Power Consumption:

  • Prioritizing efficiency, these devices feature zero power consumption when not in use.

6. Multiple I/O Interfaces:

  • Offering versatility with multiple I/O interfaces, including options for distance, course, time, and event tracking.

7. Over-the-Air (OTA) Control:

  • Facilitating easy control and management through firmware updates over the air (FOTA).

8. SP5824 Certifications:

  • Compliant with CE, FCC, Verizon, and Sprint certificates, ensuring quality and standards adherence.

9. Scheduled Reports:

  • Conveniently schedule and receive reports, providing timely and organized data.

10. Geofence Management:

  • Efficiently manage geofences for precise location-based tracking.

11. Crash Detection:

  • Enhancing safety with crash detection capabilities for prompt response in emergencies.

12. Internal Backup Battery:

  • Equipped with a 700 mA internal backup battery, ensuring continuous functionality.

In summary, the Skypatrol SP5824 4G LTE series offers a reliable and user friendly solution for tracking motorcycles and power sport vehicles. With a range of features, from waterproof design to crash detection, these devices cater to diverse needs, providing efficient and secure monitoring.

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