Skypatrol SP5600

Manufacturer: Skypatrol

SP5600 The Skypatrol SP5600 Feature Rich Powerful GPS Tracker stands as the latest solution for track and trace applications, offering an advanced solution for extreme-level fleet management. Tailored for service providers, integrators, and enterprise customers, the SP5600 elevates mobile resource enhancement and dispatch system efficiency.

Designed as a dependable quad-band GSM/GPRS tracking device, the SP5600 delivers key features essential for demanding applications like fleet management, insurance telematics, dispatch, and vehicle location and recovery. Its capabilities cater to a range of needs, providing versatile solutions for diverse scenarios.

Key Features of Skypatrol SP5600:

  1. SP5600 Over-the-Air Device Management:
    • Powered by an over-the-air device management system, ensuring better programming, updates, and logistics.
  2. SP5600 FOTA (Firmware Update Over the Air):
    • Features FOTA capabilities, enabling easy firmware updates for sustained performance.
  3. SP5600 GSM Jamming Detection:
    • Equipped with GSM jamming detection for increase security against potential threats.
  4. 156 Hardware-Based Geo-fences:
    • Boasts 156 hardware based geo-fences, providing extensive coverage for superior safety.

In conclusion, the SP5600 by Skypatrol emerges as a feature rich and powerful GPS tracker, adept at fulfilling a spectrum of applications. Its emphasis on over the air management, firmware updates, and security measures positions it as a reliable choice for those seeking superior safety and efficient fleet management. Contact us today to explore how the SP5600 can elevate your track and trace solutions.

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