Skypatrol SP4603

Manufacturer: Skypatrol

The Skypatrol SP4603 Series, tailored for demanding tasks like fleet management and field dispatch, is a reliable quad-band GSM/GPRS tracking device. Available in both 2G and 3G versions, it perfectly matches enterprise requirements. Besides, it fits well into mainstream uses such as insurance telematics and vehicle location/recovery. These units are powered by an over-the-air maintenance system that covers device management, programming, updates, and logistics. With FOTA (Firmware update over the air), GSM jamming detection, and 28 hardware-based geofences, it ensures maximum flexibility and capability. Elevate your fleet’s performance using Skypatrol’s GPS tracking device. Get in touch with our team today for a demo and find the best-suited device for your needs.

Key Features of Skypatrol SP4603:

  1. SP4603 Quad Band GSM Modem:
    • Equipped with a reliable quad-band GSM modem for enhanced connectivity.
  2. SP4603 2G/3G Modem Versions:
    • Offers flexibility with both 2G and 3G modem versions to meet varied requirements.
  3. SP4603 FOTA (Firmware Update OTA):
    • Supports Firmware Update over the air for seamless software updates.
  4. SP4603 Flexible Programming Rules:
    • Allows customizable programming rules for diverse tracking needs.
  5. Garmin® FMI Enable:
    • Compatible with Garmin® FMI, enhancing navigation and communication capabilities.
  6. 1-Wire® Interface:
    • Features a 1-Wire® interface for expanded connectivity options.
  7. HDOP/VDOP for Precise Location:
    • Ensures precise location tracking with HDOP/VDOP capabilities.
  8. SP4603 Echo Driving:
    • Incorporates Echo Driving features for efficient and safe driving practices.
  9. GSM Jamming Detection:
    • Detects GSM jamming attempts, ensuring uninterrupted tracking.
  10. Multiple Data Upload Modes:
    • Offers multiple data upload modes for diverse data transmission needs.
  11. Intelligent Power Management:
    • Implements intelligent power management for optimized battery usage.
  12. Multiple Inputs & Outputs:
    • Provides multiple inputs and outputs, enhancing device functionality and versatility.

The SP4603 Series by Skypatrol presents a comprehensive solution for demanding tasks like fleet management and beyond. Its robust features, from precise location tracking to flexible programming rules, cater to varied enterprise needs. Contact us today for a demonstration and explore the ideal device for your specific requirements.

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