Skypatrol SP3824 Series

Manufacturer: Skypatrol

The SP3824 is our most recent age GPS beacon, advanced to meet all transporter and nation confirmations. The SP3824 is intended to endure the cruelest of conditions related with vehicle telematics. This most recent age gadget can be generally utilized across all vehicle area applications going from subprime car requirements to armadas, to customer telematics. The SP3824 has various information/yield interfaces that can be utilized for observing or controlling outer gadgets. The SP3824 highlights the most recent in cell recieving wire plans with advancement and further developed rationale to reach and activity in the most difficult metropolitan and rustic conditions. The SP3824 is outfitted with the most recent firmware plan with improved over-the-air ability. Clients can likewise utilize the SP3824 to screen the situation with a vehicle and the control the vehicle by its outer transfer yield.

SP3824 Series