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Skypatrol SP2603

Manufacturer: Skypatrol
SP2603 Series

The Skypatrol SP2603, designed for fleet and other tracking purposes, offers essential functionality without unnecessary features, ensuring cost-effectiveness. Prioritizing reliability, guarantees dependable connectivity. Additionally, the SP2603 provides an optional 750mAh backup battery for configuration flexibility in various applications. Featuring FOTA (Firmware Update OTA) and a 3-axis accelerometer for motion sensing, it is a comprehensive tracking unit available in both 2G and 3G versions, covering all 5 bands of 3G communication. Tailored for 12v or 24v mobile vehicles, it boasts a straightforward installation process.

Key Features of Skypatrol SP2603:

  1. 2G and 3G Modem Options:
    • Offers flexibility with 2G and 3G modem options, catering to diverse connection needs.
  2. GSM Jamming Detection:
    • Enhances security with GSM jamming detection, safeguarding against potential disruptions.
  3. HSPA Version Support for all 5 Bands:
    • Ensures optimal support with HSPA version covering all 5 bands, providing comprehensive communication capabilities.
  4. Multiple Data Upload Modes:
    • Provides ways with multiple data upload modes, accommodating various reporting preferences.
  5. Self-Calibrate 3D Accelerometer:
    • Incorporates a self-calibrating 3D accelerometer for accurate motion sensing and efficient tracking.
  6. Intelligent Power Management:
    • Maximizes efficiency with intelligent power management, extending the device’s operational life.
  7. FOTA (Firmware Update OTA):
    • Facilitates hassle-free updates with Firmware Update OTA, providing the latest firmware for better performance.
  8. Conditional Based Profiles:
    • Allows customization through conditional-based profiles, tailoring the device to specific operational requirements.
  9. Internal Backup Battery:
    • Offers an internal backup battery for uninterrupted functionality, even in situations with limited power.
  10. HDOP/VDOP for Precise Location:
    • Ensures precise location tracking with HDOP/VDOP capabilities, providing accuracy in reporting.
  11. 28 Day, Time & Speed Based Geofences:
    • Provides a robust geofencing system, supporting various configurations based on time, speed, and duration.
  12. Driving Behavior:
    • Monitors driving behavior, adding an additional layer of insight for fleet management.
  13. 128 Way Points for Delivery Management:
    • Enhances delivery management with the capability to define 128 waypoints, facilitating route optimization.

In conclusion, the SP2603 stands out as a reliable tracking solution with a host of features that cater to diverse tracking needs. From intelligent power management to driving behavior monitoring, it offers a comprehensive package for efficient fleet and vehicle tracking. Upgrade your tracking capabilities with the SP2603.

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