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Skypatrol SP2600

Manufacturer: Skypatrol

The Skypatrol SP2600 Series offers an economical GPS tracking solution, tailored to meet essential functionalities without unnecessary add-ons that inflate costs. Ideal for fleet and various tracking needs, its focus on reliability ensures consistent connectivity. This device comes with a 750mAh battery, allowing customization for specific applications.

This unit boasts Firmware Update OTA (FOTA) capabilities, a 3-axis accelerometer to track motion direction, and a single input/output (I/O). Available in 2G and 3G versions covering all 5 3G communication bands, it’s a comprehensive tracking solution. Specifically designed for 12 or 24 volt mobile vehicles, its swift and straightforward installation process ensures convenience.

Key Features of Skypatrol SP2600:

  1. SP2600 Cost-Efficient Design:
    • Stripped of unnecessary features, giving an economical GPS tracking solution.
  2. SP2600 Reliable Connectivity:
    • Emphasizes reliability as a core design principle, providing consistent connectivity.
  3. Customizable Battery:
    • Comes with a 750mAh battery, allowing configuration for specific use cases.
  4. Firmware Update OTA (FOTA):
    • Facilitates firmware updates over the air, providing the device is always up-to-date.
  5. SP2600 Motion Tracking Capability:
    • Features a 3-axis accelerometer to track motion direction accurately.
  6. Input/Output (I/O):
    • Equipped with a single input and output, it gives its functionality.
  7. SP2600 Dual Version Availability:
    • Available in 2G and 3G versions covering all 5 3G communication bands.
  8. Vehicle Compatibility:
    • Tailored for 12 or 24 volt mobile vehicles, providing suitability across various vehicles.
  9. Quick Installation:
    • Boasts a swift and effortless installation process for added convenience.

In summary, the SP2600 Series by Skypatrol is a budget friendly GPS tracking solution, prioritizing essential functionalities and reliability. With its versatile features and compatibility with different vehicles, it caters to fleet and diverse tracking needs. Contact us today to explore how this efficient tracking device can benefit your operations.

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