Skypatrol SP1603 Multifunction

Manufacturer: Skypatrol

Making More secure Networks

SP1603 lower leg GPS/GSM tracker is planned with the furthest down the line innovation to screen all sort of guilty parties where organizations look for precise and solid continuous following alongside compelling authorization of home confinement curfews.


The GPS beacon is furnished with double SIM to keep associated with the call community. The double SIM offers an adaptable choice to satisfy different use case.

Correspondence Adaptability

The high level firmware sends the data flawlessly through TCP, UDP or SMS. With adaptable programming and detailing modes, these elements make it apparent all the chance to the observing focus.

HOME Confinement IBEACON

The SP1603 can be matched with home iBeacon to expand the battery duration and apply home confinement if necessary.

SP1603 Multifunction