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Skypatrol SP1603

Manufacturer: Skypatrol
SP1603 Multifunction

The Skypatrol SP1603 ankle GPS/GSM tracker, crafted with the latest technology for accurate real-time tracking of offenders. It’s an essential tool for administrations seeking precise monitoring and effective enforcement of home detention curfews.


Equipped with dual SIM cards, the GPS tracker maintains connectivity with the call center. This dual SIM feature provides flexibility for various usage scenarios, ensuring seamless communication.


Powered by advanced firmware, the device transmits information seamlessly via TCP, UDP, or SMS. With flexible programming and reporting modes, it remains visible to the monitoring center at all times, offering communication flexibility.


The SP1603 can be paired with a home iBeacon, extending battery life and facilitating home detention if needed. This innovative feature enhances adaptability and functionality.

At Skypatrol, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and high-quality GPS hardware products. Contact us to discover a solution tailored to meet your specific needs.

Features of Skypatrol SP1603:

1. Multiple Temper Detections:

  • Incorporates multiple temper detection mechanisms for enhanced security.

2. SP1603 Modem Options:

  • Offers GPRS/HSPA/LTE modem options, ensuring compatibility with diverse networks.

3. SP1603 Dual SIM Concept:

  • The dual SIM concept provides flexibility for various operational scenarios.

4. LBS Location Availability:

  • Location-Based Services (LBS) availability enhances location accuracy.

5. SP1603 AGPS with High-Sensitivity Module:

  • Utilizes AGPS with a 56-channel high-sensitivity module for precise tracking.

6. LED Indication:

  • LED indicators provide visual cues for easy device status monitoring.

7. SP1603 Vibration Indication:

  • Vibration alerts offer additional sensory feedback for effective monitoring.

8. Long-Life Rechargeable Battery:

  • Equipped with a long-life rechargeable Li-ion battery, ensuring extended usage.

In conclusion, the SP1603 from Skypatrol is a versatile ankle GPS/GSM tracker designed for efficient offender monitoring. With dual SIM functionality, communication flexibility, and advanced features, it ensures reliable and secure tracking. Contact Skypatrol for personalized solutions that cater to your unique requirements.

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