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Sinocastel LT-160

Manufacturer: Sinocastel

Sinocastel LT-160,  a long stand-by real-time asset GPS tracker designed for asset location tracking, enhanced asset utilization understanding, and theft prevention. With its small size and exquisite appearance, this tracker requires no external wires, providing flexibility for installation on any moving target object.

Key Features of Sinocastel LT-160:

  • Powerful Magnetic Design: Sinocastel LT-160 Equipped with 5 round Nd-Fe-B super permanent magnets, ensuring firm adsorption on metal surfaces for convenient and discreet installation.
  • Real-time Tracking: Use SMS or GPRS commands for real-time vehicle tracking in theft or emergency situations.
  • Intelligent Tracking: By default, the device reports one location message per 24 hours, configurable to meet specific needs. Information includes positioning status, longitude and latitude, GSM signal intensity, GPS satellites number, and battery voltage.
  • Long Standby Time: LT-160 Offers 1000+ days standby with a daily message, eliminating the need for frequent battery changes.
  • Removal Alarm: Triggers a low battery alarm sent to the server when the voltage falls below 3.3V, signaling prompt battery replacement.
  • Low Battery Alarm: Includes a bottom anti-disassemble button, activating and uploading current position information when the device is removed.
  • In essence, the Sinocastel LT-160 stands out with its practical features aimed at efficient asset tracking and security. The strong magnetic design makes installation easy, while real-time and smart tracking features enhance versatility for a robust solution. Impressive standby, removal, and low battery alarms make the LT-160 a reliable asset GPS tracker for diverse needs. Upgrade your asset monitoring with this user-friendly and efficient tracker.

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