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Sinocastel IDD-213W

Manufacturer: Sinocastel

Free Tracking Apps with Alarm functions

  • Power failure alert
  • Geo-fence alert
  • Low battery alert
  • Tow alert
  • High engine coolant temperature alert
  • Over-speed alert

Sinocastel IDD-213W, a hassle-free plug-and-play OBD GPS Vehicle Tracker designed for quick and easy installation. This vehicle tracking device offers a comprehensive GPS tracking solution with outstanding location, tracking, reporting, logging, and security capabilities. Leveraging the latest CAT M1 technology, it revolutionizes LTE for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) market. The installation is a breeze – just plug the device into the OBD II port of most cars or trucks manufactured after 1996 (not compatible with electric vehicles), and you’re good to go.

Sinocastel’s IDD-213W Vehicle Tracking solutions present an uncomplicated and cost-effective method to monitor and track vehicles. With this system, effortlessly keep tabs on vehicle location, scrutinize driver behavior, access engine data, review trip fuel consumption statistics, and much more.

Sinocastel’s Vehicle Tracking solutions present a convenient and budget-friendly method to monitor and track vehicles effectively. Easily track vehicle whereabouts, oversee driver behavior, access engine data, analyze trip fuel consumption statistics, and more.

Key Features: of Sinocastel IDD-213W:

  • Multiple Alerts: IDD-213W Receive notifications for overspeeding, geofence violations, and more for proactive monitoring.
  • OBD II/EOBD, J1939, and J1708 Compliance: Ensures compatibility with various vehicle standards, enhancing versatility.
  • Unplug Alert: IDD-213W Triggers an alarm if the device is unplugged from the car, providing an additional layer of security.
  • GPS Positioning: Enables precise and rapid location pinpointing for accurate tracking.
  • Real-time GPS Tracking: Delivers up-to-the-minute updates on location, speed, and other relevant data points for real-time monitoring.

In essence, the Sinocastel IDD-213W stands as a user-friendly solution for effective vehicle tracking. Its plug and play design, coupled with advanced features like multiple alerts and real-time GPS tracking, ensures a seamless experience. Whether monitoring overspeeding or tracking location accurately, this device caters to various needs. Sinocastel’s commitment to simplicity and affordability makes Vehicle Tracking solutions an accessible option for anyone seeking efficient vehicle monitoring and management.

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