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Sinocastel IDD 213L 4G OBD

Manufacturer: Sinocastel

Sinocastel IDD-213L 4G OBD Tracker is a smart real-time GPS vehicle tracking device compatible with trucks and commercial vehicles, this OBD GPS tracker features plug-and-play technology, plugs directly into the OBD ii port of any vehicle, no tools or wiring needed. Just plug the OBD device in and then start real-time tracking in 1 min. OBD GPS tracker IDD-213L can also act as an in-Vehicle WiFi hotspot to share high speed 4G LTE network.
Sinocastel OBD2 GPS vehicle trackers are widely used in business and fleet management, which can track your vehicles and personnel to reduce fuel expenses and travel costs, monitor vehicle usage, monitor driver behaviour and areas where the vehicle is driven – obtain standard tracking information and gain full control of your fleet.


Sinocastel IDD 213LSinocastel IDD 213L 4G OBD Tracker, a smart real-time GPS vehicle tracking device designed for trucks and commercial vehicles. This OBD GPS tracker offers plug-and-play convenience by directly connecting to the OBD II port, eliminating the need for tools or wiring. Within a minute of plugging in, real-time tracking begins. Notably, the IDD 213L can function as an in-vehicle WiFi hotspot, allowing up to 8 devices to connect and share a high-speed 4G LTE network.

Widely utilized in business and fleet management, Sinocastel IDD 213L OBD2 GPS vehicle trackers contribute to cost reduction by tracking vehicles and personnel. They monitor fuel expenses, travel costs, vehicle usage, and driver behavior. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of areas where vehicles are driven, providing standard tracking information and empowering fleet control. Additionally, Sinocastel offers OEM/ODM services, supplying a free gateway for seamless integration into any vehicle fleet system within 2-3 workdays, saving valuable testing and integration time.

In its product lineup, Sinocastel features the T-229L, an FMCSA-certified Electronic Logging Device (ELD) – a 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker. This device, along with the Asset GPS Tracker, expands the range of options for effective tracking solutions.

Key Product Features of Sinocastel IDD 213L:

  • 4G WiFi Hotspot: Acts as a car WiFi hotspot, connecting 8 devices for shared high-speed 4G LTE internet access.
  • Real-time Tracking: Reports real-time locations based on time intervals, distance, and heading changes, providing up-to-date tracking information.
  • Driving Behavior Monitoring: Tracks driving behavior, including speeding, hard acceleration, and hard deceleration, contributing to safer driving practices.
  • DTC (Error Code) Detection: Identifies vehicle engine errors and sends specific engine codes, facilitating easy diagnosis of problems.
  • Fuel Consumption Tracking: IDD 213L tracks fuel use, reducing costs for efficient fleet management by monitoring vehicle fuel consumption.
  • Data Analysis: Identifies engine details like RPM, speed, coolant temperature, etc., particularly helpful when the Check Engine light is on.

In summary, Sinocastel’s IDD 213L offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for real-time GPS tracking. Its versatile features, including in-vehicle WiFi hotspot capabilities, driving behavior monitoring, and comprehensive engine data analysis.

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