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Sierra Wireless GNX-3

Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless
Sierra Wireless GNX-3

The Sierra Wireless GNX-3 stands as a versatile mobile asset tracking device, tailored to meet diverse market and industry needs. Its flexibility makes it a perfect fit for Mobile Resource Management, vehicle tracking, and various location-based applications and services.

This device embraces cutting-edge components ensuring top-notch reliability. It houses high-performance internal cellular and GPS antennas. Additionally, it features an auto-calibrating 3-axis accelerometer that monitors and reports rapid acceleration, deceleration, harsh cornering, and other critical events.

The Sierra Wireless GNX-3 is a standout solution, offering adaptability to meet various market and industry demands. Its versatility shines through in its applicability to Mobile Resource Management, vehicle tracking, and a wide array of location-centric applications and services.

This device is crafted with premium components ensuring unmatched reliability. It houses robust internal cellular and GPS antennas, guaranteeing superior performance. Moreover, its auto-calibrating 3-axis accelerometer adds an extra layer of functionality, enabling precise monitoring and reporting of critical events like rapid acceleration, deceleration, and harsh cornering.

In essence, the GNX-3 emerges as a powerful asset tracking device, designed to cater to diverse market and industry requirements. Its adaptability extends to Mobile Resource Management, vehicle tracking, and numerous location-based applications and services. Engineered with top-quality components, including high-performance antennas and an auto-calibrating accelerometer, it stands as a reliable choice for ensuring accuracy and reliability in monitoring crucial events.

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