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Shenzhen Huabao HB-A5D

Manufacturer: Shenzhen HuaBao
Shenzhen Huabao HB-A5D

Shenzhen Huabao HB-A5D 4G waterproof GPS vehicle tracker—an easy-to-install, stable, and power efficient device suitable for private cars and motorcycles.

Effortless Installation and Stability:

The Shenzhen Huabao HB-A5D stands out as an easily installed and stable 4G waterproof GPS vehicle tracker. Its user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free setup, providing stability for efficient tracking.

Low Power Consumption and Waterproof Rating:

This device boasts low power consumption, contributing to long usage without draining resources. Additionally, with an IP65 waterproof rating, the Shenzhen Huabao HB-A5D excels in durability, giving optimal performance in diverse conditions.

Versatile Applications in Various Industries:

The HB-A5D is not only easy to install but also caters to a wide range of industries. With applications in logistics, long-distance transport, dangerous goods transport, bus companies, vehicle rental, and taxis, it proves its importance across sectors.

Feature-Rich Product Characteristics:

  • Real-time Location: Shenzhen Huabao HB-A5D Track your vehicle’s location in real time for better monitoring.
  • 2G+4G Data Network: Benefit from a dual-network module, ensuring connection in diverse environments.
  • Built-in GPS/GSM Antenna: Enjoy a good design with integrated antennas for efficient tracking.
  • Mileage Calculation: Utilize mileage calculations for comprehensive monitoring of travel distances.
  • Configuration through GPRS/SMS: Effortlessly configure settings through GPRS/SMS communication.
  • Geo-fence: Shenzhen Huabao HB-A5D Set up geo-fences for precise tracking and receive alerts for specified areas.
  • Ignition Detection: Monitor ignition status for a better understanding of vehicle operations.
  • Remotely Fuel Cut-off (Relay): Enhance security with remote fuel cut-off capabilities using a relay.
  • Power Off Alarm: Receive alerts for power off situations, continuous tracking.
  • Backup Battery: Benefit from a backup battery for uninterrupted functionality during power disruptions.
  • Low Power Alarm: Stay proactive with low power alarms, optimizing device performance.
  • Over Speed Alarm: Shenzhen Huabao HB-A5D Receive alerts for over speeding, promoting safe driving practices.
  • IO/AD Serial Port (Temperature or Fuel Sensor): Connect external sensors for additional monitoring capabilities.
  • OTA (Over-the-Air): Update device firmware easily with Over-the-Air functionality.

In conclusion, the Shenzhen Huabao HB-A5D 4G waterproof GPS vehicle tracker is a user friendly solution for various applications. Its easy installation, stability, low power consumption, and this features make it suitable for private cars and motorcycle projects.

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