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Shenzhen HHD Technology G-400


Shenzhen HHD Technology introduces the G-400, a revolutionary GPS tracker designed as a multifunctional “lock.” This innovative device seamlessly integrates a high-security mechanical lock with a cutting-edge GPS location system and GSM communication capabilities. Primarily devised for asset tracking, the G-400 offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring and securing valuable assets.

Key Features of Shenzhen HHD Technology G-400

1. Dual Functionality: GPS Tracker and Mechanical Lock

The G-400 stands out for its dual functionality, serving both as a robust mechanical lock and an advanced GPS tracker. This combination ensures not only the physical security of assets but also provides real-time location tracking for enhanced monitoring.

2. Comprehensive Events Monitoring

The G-400 boasts an extensive range of event monitoring capabilities, making it a versatile solution for various tracking scenarios. Key events include intrusion detection, route deviation, distance measurement between objects, driver changes, excessive idling, geofence entry or exit, aggressive driving, prolonged parking, power cuts, fatigue driving alerts, GPS antenna tampering, lock status changes, low battery notifications, parking state detection, speeding alerts, state field value changes, task status updates, and tracker status changes.

Applications of Shenzhen HHD Technology G-400

1. Asset Tracking

The primary application of the G-400 is in asset tracking. Whether it’s monitoring the movement of valuable equipment, containers, or high-value goods, the G-400 ensures real-time visibility and security.

2. Fleet Management

The G-400 can be seamlessly integrated into fleet management systems, providing fleet operators with a powerful tool to monitor driver behavior, prevent unauthorized use, and enhance overall operational efficiency.


Shenzhen HHD Technology G-400 redefines asset tracking with its unique combination of a mechanical lock and advanced GPS tracking capabilities. The device’s comprehensive event monitoring ensures that any potential issues or anomalies are promptly detected, allowing for proactive intervention. Upgrade to the G-400 for a state-of-the-art solution that provides not only security but also invaluable insights into asset movement and status.