Shenzhen Concox X3

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox

Shenzhen Concox X3, a versatile GPS tracker meticulously designed for optimal vehicle tracking. Engineered to provide precise real-time location, seamless two-way communication, and comprehensive driving behavior reports, the X3 stands out as an exceptional GPS tracking device. Packed with features like a G-sensor, door sensor, and I/O ports supporting various external equipment, the X3 is the ideal solution for fleet management and security monitoring applications.


Shenzhen Concox X3 supports accessories with RS232 and TTL interfaces, while enhancing its compatibility and versatility. This ensures seamless integration with a variety of external equipment, expanding its range of applications.


Equipped with an external microphone, the X3 facilitates audio monitoring. An extended microphone cable makes it easy to place the microphone inside the cab, while providing valuable insights into the vehicle’s environment.

Remote Cut-Off for Enhanced Security

Take control of your vehicle’s security with the remote cut-off feature. This allows you to immobilize the vehicle by cutting off its power source or fuel supply using an installed relay, also adding an extra layer of security.


Shenzhen Concox X3 features an over-speed buzzer that audibly reminds the driver to lower their speed, while contributing to safer driving practices. External buzzer support ensures the alert is noticeable and effective.

Driving Behavior Analysis for Safety Insights

Receive alerts for four types of dangerous driving behaviors with the X3’s driving behavior analysis feature. This proactive monitoring also enhances safety by notifying you of potential risks on the road.

Door Status Detection for Fleet Visibility

Optimize fleet management with door status detection. Gain useful insights into the status of fleet vehicles, receiving alerts if a door is unexpectedly opened. This feature enhances security and also ensures fleet visibility.

Panic Button for Emergency Situations

In emergency situations, the X3 includes a panic button for immediate action. Drivers can contact dispatch or emergency support discreetly, while ensuring swift response and assistance when needed.

Low Voltage Alert for Continuous Monitoring

Stay informed about the external power voltage with the Shenzhen Concox X3’s low voltage alert. Receive timely notifications when the voltage falls below the threshold, allowing for proactive maintenance and continuous monitoring.

In conclusion, the X3 GPS tracker offers a comprehensive suite of features for optimal vehicle tracking, security, and fleet management. With its versatile interfaces, enhanced audio capabilities, and proactive monitoring features, the Shenzhen Concox X3 is the perfect choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient GPS tracking solutions.

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