Shenzhen Concox WeTrack140

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox
Shenzhen Concox WeTrack140

Shenzhen Concox WeTrack140, an AIS140-approved GPS tracker meticulously designed for the Indian market, providing real-time fleet tracking and control. Tailored to meet the specific needs of government fleets, courier delivery services, and also car rental companies, this cutting-edge device ensures enhanced monitoring and security.

AIS 140 Certification for Compliance

Shenzhen Concox WeTrack140 is AIS 140 certified, meeting the regulatory standards set for vehicle tracking systems in India. Moreover, this certification ensures compliance and reliability for businesses operating in the region.

Benefit from accurate tracking using GPS, WiFi, and LBS positioning systems. This comprehensive approach ensures precise location data, offering insights into your fleet’s movements, speed, and distance traveled.

Support for Multiple Satellite Systems

Shenzhen Concox WeTrack140 supports GPS, IRNSS, and GLONASS satellite systems, while providing a robust and reliable network for tracking. This multi-satellite compatibility ensures uninterrupted tracking capabilities.

Take control of your fleet with the remote cut-off feature, while allowing you to immobilize a vehicle by cutting off its power or fuel supply. This feature also adds an extra layer of security and control in emergency situations or unauthorized use.

Ample Data Storage for Comprehensive Records

With a storage capacity of 50,000 data points, Shenzhen Concox WeTrack140 ensures comprehensive data records. This extensive storage allows businesses to access historical data, enabling detailed analysis and reporting.

In emergency situations, the panic button empowers drivers to trigger instant alerts or emergency calls. Additionally, this feature ensures swift response and action in critical scenarios, enhancing driver safety.

Embedded e-SIM for Seamless Connectivity

Shenzhen Concox WeTrack140 comes equipped with an embedded e-SIM, ensuring seamless and reliable connectivity. This feature guarantees continuous tracking and data transmission without relying on external SIM cards.

Basic Driving Behavior Analysis for Insights

Utilize basic driving behavior analysis to gain insights into driver habits and vehicle performance. This feature provides valuable information for optimizing fleet operations and improving overall efficiency.

IP66 Dust & Water Resistance for Durability

Shenzhen Concox WeTrack140 boasts an IP66 dust and water resistance rating, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging environmental conditions. This durability ensures the device operates reliably, regardless of weather or terrain.

In conclusion, the Shenzhen Concox WeTrack140 tracker is the ideal solution for businesses operating in the Indian market, offering AIS 140 certification, advanced tracking capabilities, and a range of features tailored for enhanced fleet management and security. Stay in control with Shenzhen Concox WeTrack140, your reliable partner for real-time fleet monitoring and control.


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