Shenzhen Concox VL802

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox

Revolutionize the way you manage industrial and commercial fleets with the advanced Shenzhen Concox VL802, a cutting-edge 4G GPS tracker designed to enhance efficiency and streamline operations across a diverse range of vehicles, from passenger cars to trucks and buses. This powerful device offers two-way communication, event-triggered alerts, and also customizable features to empower fleet managers in monitoring and strategic driver management.

Seamless Connectivity with LTE & GSM Network

Ensure uninterrupted communication with Shenzhen Concox VL802 through 4G LTE networks, coupled with 2G GSM fallback. This dual-network capability provides a robust and reliable connection, catering to diverse fleet management needs.

Two-Way Communication for Improved Coordination

Optimize employee communication with the VL802’s two-way communication feature. Facilitate hands free communication with drivers, while promoting safer and more efficient coordination without the need for phones.

Enhanced Safety with Remote Listen-in

Stay attentive with remote audio monitoring through the inconspicuous microphone integrated into Shenzhen Concox VL802. Monitor the vehicle’s surroundings discreetly, while adding an extra layer of safety to your fleet management strategy.

Swift Emergency Response with Panic Button

Empower drivers to initiate immediate contact with dispatch or emergency support using the discreet incabin SOS button. Additionally, the panic button enhances the safety net for drivers in emergency situations.

Constantly monitor the ACC/ignition status of vehicles in your fleet with the VL802. Stay informed about the on-road status of each vehicle to optimize operational efficiency.

Efficient Power Management with Remote Cut-Off

Take control of your fleet’s energy consumption by immobilizing vehicles through remote cut-off. Shenzhen Concox VL802 allows fleet owners to cut off power sources or fuel supply via an installed relay, while promoting effective energy management.

Seamless Configuration with Bluetooth Technology

Experience hassle-free device configuration with the VL802’s Bluetooth compatibility. Further, swiftly configure the device via the dedicated app for iOS and Android, ensuring a user friendly and efficient setup process.

Instant Alerts for Proactive Monitoring

Receive instant alerts for various atypical events, including impounding, geo-fence entry/exit, abnormal vibration, and speeding. The VL802’s multiple alert system enables proactive monitoring and timely responses to ensure fleet safety.

In conclusion, Shenzhen Concox VL802 4G GPS tracker emerges as a comprehensive solution for industrial and commercial fleet management. Its advanced features, easy connectivity, and customizable options empower fleet owners to simplify operations, enhance safety, and elevate overall efficiency in managing diverse vehicle fleets. Upgrade your fleet management strategy with the VL802 4G GPS tracker for unparalleled control and monitoring capabilities.

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