Shenzhen Concox VL502

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox
Shenzhen Concox VL502

Shenzhen Concox VL502, a cutting edge 4G Cat 1 OBDII vehicle tracker that marks a new era in vehicle monitoring, catering to corporate cars, usage-based insurance, fleet management, and individual car users. This innovative device seamlessly integrates with vehicles. It provides comprehensive data such as VIN code, engine speed, water temperature, total mileage, and more. With its Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) algorithm for driving behavior analysis, Shenzhen Concox VL502 ensures an accurate assessment of risky driving behavior. Moreover, it offers all encompassing realtime vehicle status monitoring.

Swift Connectivity with LTE & GSM Networks

Ensure constant and reliable communication with Shenzhen Concox VL502 through 4G LTE networks, supplemented by 2G GSM fallback. This dual-network capability guarantees uninterrupted connectivity. It enhances the overall tracking experience.

Access realtime vehicle data effortlessly with on-board diagnostics. Gain insights into accurate mileage, fault codes, ACC status, fuel consumption statistics, battery voltage, also engine speed, and more. It empowers you with comprehensive information about your vehicle’s performance.

Precise Positioning with GPS & BDS Technology

Benefit from accurate and reliable location tracking through GPS and BDS positioning systems. Moreover, these complementary technologies work easily to ensure precise location display on the cloud platform.

Stay informed about your driving habits with the Shenzhen Concox VL502 driving behavior analysis. Receive instant alerts for 4 or 8 kinds of dangerous driving behavior, made according to your specific needs, while promoting safer driving practices.

Receive instant alerts for a variety of atypical events, including car faults, overspeeding, ignition detection, collisions, and geofence entry / exit. The VL502’s multiple alert system ensures active monitoring for enhanced safety and security.

Effortless Installation for User Convenience

Experience hassle free installation with Shenzhen Concox VL502. Simply plug the device into the OBDII socket, eliminating the need for professional assistance and ensuring a user friendly setup.

In conclusion, the VL502 4G Cat 1 OBDII tracker emerges as a flexible and advanced solution for vehicle tracking. Its easy connectivity, realtime data access, precise positioning, driving behavior analysis, and comprehensive alert system collectively contribute to an enhanced vehicle monitoring experience. Upgrade your vehicle tracking capabilities with the Shenzhen Concox VL502 for unparalleled insights and also control over your vehicle performance.

** Integration is tailored to meet specific requirements, subject to applicable terms and conditions of our software.