TShenzhen Concox R02

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox

Concox TR02 is its first GPS vehicle tracker only with a simple locating & tracking system. Its simplicity enables it to appeal to the majority of the target market. And it is cheap and cost-effective so that many of us can afford to buy one.
TR02 is famous for its simplicity such as locating and tracking functions. It can check the location through our platform. And real-time checking can inform you of the vehicle 24/7.
TR02 is famous for its application in a public bus. As we are waiting for our bus to work, Kumike APP can tell you when your bus will come and it is punctual and accurate. TR02 is famous for its use in public buses to know exactly the bus location and arrival time with an APP on your cellphone. It is designed for white-collar workers, in particular, those waiting for the coming bus for work.