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Shenzhen Concox LL702

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox

The LL702 is a remote GPS tracker intended for super lengthy activity and simple establishment. The 4,200mAh battery permits it to work for over 3 years in default mode, that is to say, one position fix a day. The minimal size and the solid magnet empower it to be introduced secret in vehicles, hardware, and different resources safely. It pinpoints the areas of these resources precisely utilizing satellites (GPS/BDS), base stations, and WiFi areas of interest.

Shenzhen Concox LL702

Introducing the Shenzhen Concox LL702, a wireless GPS tracker designed for extended operation and effortless installation. With a powerful 4,200mAh battery, it ensures over 3 years of operation in default mode, providing one position fix a day. Its compact size and robust magnet enable remote installation in vehicles, equipment, and valuables, offering a secure tracking solution. Utilizing satellite technology (GPS/BDS), base stations, and WiFi hotspots, while it precisely pinpoints the locations of assets.

Advanced Positioning Systems for Accurate Tracking with Shenzhen Concox LL702

To ensure accurate tracking, benefit from a synergy of multiple positioning systems, including GPS, BDS, and LBS, ensuring precise location tracking displayed on the cloud platform.

Communicate seamlessly through 4G LTE networks with 2G GSM fallback, providing reliable connectivity in various tracking scenarios.

Enhanced Security Features for Peace of Mind with Shenzhen Concox LL702

Equipped with a tamper alert and cover alarm, the  LL702 ensures immediate notifications. While the light sensor detects device removal, enhancing security for your assets.

Tailored Working Modes for Flexibility

Configure working modes based on your specific needs while providing flexibility to adapt to various tracking scenarios and operational demands.

Effortless Installation with Strong Magnetic Base

Benefit from near-zero installation effort with the Shenzhen Concox LL702’s strong magnetic base, tightly and effortlessly fastening to most metal surfaces for secure tracking.

Instant Alerts for Enhanced Monitoring

Receive instant alerts for a typical event, including geo-fence entry/exit, abnormal vibration, low battery, device fall/removal, while ensuring timely notifications for proactive monitoring.

In conclusion, the Shenzhen Concox LL702 wireless GPS tracker combines extended operation, and easy installation for versatile asset tracking. Moreover, keep your assets secure and gain peace of mind with LL702, a reliable solution for various tracking scenarios.