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Shenzhen Concox LL302

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox

Shenzhen Concox LL302, a state-of-the-art 4G Wireless Asset GNSS Tracker designed for  vehicle and asset tracking. This tracker supports GPS/BDS/LBS positioning, a light sensor, and multiple alerts for abnormal vibration, low battery, and more. With user friendly cloud platform and mobile App, the LL302 is the optimal choice for remote monitoring of diverse targets. Let’s explore its features and applications, making it ideal for vehicle rental, fleet management, logistics transportation, and beyond.

Experience the seamless synergy of GPS, BDS, and LBS positioning systems, while ensuring precise location tracking displayed on easy cloud platform. This precision is crucial; it allows for realtime monitoring and efficient management of vehicles and assets.

Robust Network Connectivity for Reliability

The Shenzhen Concox LL302 communicates via 4G LTE networks with 2G GSM fallback, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted connection. This robust network capability enhances the tracker’s reliability, providing seamless communication for effective tracking and monitoring.

Equipped with a tamper alert and cover alarm, the LL302 ensures asset security by sending immediate notifications when the light sensor detects device removal. The strong magnetic base facilitates near zero installation, tightly fastening the tracker to most metal surfaces.

Abnormal Vibration Alerts for Vehicle Monitoring

Receive vibrating alerts when the device detects abnormal vibrations in vehicles. This feature is essential for active monitoring, allowing quick response to potential issues and ensuring the security of your assets on the move.

Configure working modes based on your specific needs, while providing flexibility to adapt to various tracking scenarios and operational demands. This customization ensures that the LL302 aligns seamlessly with your tracking requirements.

Explore optional peripherals such as the Temperature/ Humidity Sensor and Door Status Detection. These additions provide visibility into your operations, helping you to monitor environmental conditions and receive automatic notifications of door openings or unauthorized movements.

In conclusion, the LL302 is a flexible and advanced asset tracker, offering, reliability, and customization. Elevate your tracking experience with LL302, where innovation meets efficiency in vehicle and asset monitoring.