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Shenzhen Concox JM-VL03

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox

Shenzhen Concox JM-VL03 stands out as a discreetly installed 4G LTE GPS tracker tailored for comprehensive vehicle management across diverse applications. Its wide 9-90V input voltage range ensures compatibility with an extensive array of vehicles, from industrial equipment to scooters and golf carts. This feature-rich device is poised to enhance your fleet management strategy, providing valuable insights into your mobile assets.

Ensuring seamless communication, the JM-VL03 utilizes 4G LTE networks with 2G GSM fallback. This robust connectivity guarantees a solid link in almost all scenarios, contributing to reliable real-time tracking and management capabilities. The device’s advanced GPS antenna enhances signal acquisition, resulting in more accurate positioning—a crucial aspect of effective fleet management.

The broad 9-90V operating voltage range extends its usability across a diverse range of vehicles, making it suitable for industrial applications, scooters, golf carts, and more. This adaptability ensures that the JM-VL03 is a versatile solution for managing various mobile assets, irrespective of their power specifications.

Incorporating Driver Behavior Analysis (DBA), the JM-VL03 provides alerts for four types of dangerous driving behavior. This feature enables fleet managers to address and rectify unsafe driving practices promptly, contributing to overall safety and operational efficiency.


One of the standout features of the JM-VL03 is the Remote Cut-Off (Fuel/Power) capability, allowing for the immobilization of a vehicle by cutting off its power source or fuel supply via an installed relay. This feature adds an extra layer of security and control, especially in situations where immediate action is necessary.

The device also includes Ignition Detection, offering constant monitoring of the ACC/ignition status of the vehicle. This real-time information aids in keeping track of the vehicle’s operational status, allowing for prompt response to any unexpected events.

Shenzhen Concox JM-VL03 goes beyond standard tracking with its Multiple Alerts feature, providing instant notifications for various atypical events. These include device removal, impounding, geo-fence entry/exit, abnormal vibration, and speeding. This extensive alert system ensures that fleet managers are promptly informed of any irregularities, facilitating proactive management.

In conclusion, the JM-VL03 is a versatile and feature-rich 4G LTE GPS tracker designed for efficient vehicle management. Its wide operating voltage range, robust communication capabilities, and advanced features like Driver Behavior Analysis and Multiple Alerts make it an invaluable asset for fleet managers across different industries.