Shenzhen Concox JM-VG02U

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox
Shenzhen Concox JM-VG02U

Shenzhen Concox JM-VG02U, an OBD II vehicle tracker that redefines effortless installation and advanced tracking capabilities. This plug-and-play device enhances driver safety and also vehicle security with its innovative features and reliable performance.


INS-Aided GPS Tracking for Reliability

Ensure constant tracking even in areas with poor GPS signals with INS-aided Shenzhen Concox JM-VG02U. This feature guarantees uninterrupted monitoring, while providing real-time location insights regardless of signal strength.

Advanced Driving Behavior Analysis for Safety

Experience driving behavior analysis at an advanced level, receiving alerts for eight types of dangerous driving behaviors. This proactive approach of Shenzhen Concox JM-VG02U enhances driver safety and while encourages responsible driving practices.

Achieve precise mileage calculation with an accuracy of ≥98%, thanks to a unique algorithm. The system minimizes mileage errors to less than 2%, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting.

6-Axis Accelerometer & Gyroscope for Sensitivity

Benefit from sensitive detection of linear acceleration and angular velocity with the 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope. Additionally, this level of sensitivity ensures the device promptly identifies and alerts for any unusual driving patterns.

Wide Operating Voltage for Compatibility

With a 9-36V operating voltage range, the Shenzhen Concox JM-VG02U is compatible with a diverse range of vehicles. Its adaptability allows it to work seamlessly across various input voltage scenarios.

Effortless Installation for User Convenience

Experience hassle-free installation by simply plugging the device into the OBD II socket. No need for professional assistance; the Shenzhen Concox JM-VG02U is designed for easy installation, saving both time and effort.

Fatigue Driving Alert for Driver Well-Being

Receive alerts for fatigue driving situations, ensuring drivers are notified when they have continuously driven for an extended period. This feature promotes driver well-being by preventing exhaustion-related risks.

Multiple Alerts for Comprehensive Monitoring

Receive instant alerts for various atypical events, including low battery, speeding, abnormal vibration, and more. These multiple alerts provide comprehensive monitoring, while allowing for prompt action and intervention.

In conclusion, the Shenzhen Concox JM-VG02UOBD II vehicle tracker offers a seamless blend of advanced features, user-friendly installation, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Enhance driver safety and vehicle security effortlessly with Shenzhen Concox JM-VG02U, where innovation meets simplicity for a smarter driving experience.